Opt-Out of Impersonal Data Collection

If you are concerned about the non-personal collection of visitor information on this site and other sites, such as Google.com, you can explore using these links to opt-out. These sites are not under the control of Jersey Success Realty, Inc. and we don’t ensure their services. We offer these links as a public service and they are for your information only.

Opt-Out of Google Analytics

This plug-in can be installed in your browser and prevents tracking  by Google Analytics. Since we don’t know you personally, if you use a new browser or disable this plugin, we won’t know that you wanted to stop tracking.

Opt-Out of Consumer Advertising

Visit these sites to see which companies have set an opt-out preference for Online Behavioral Advertising in your browser. Add any new companies to your list of opt-out preferences. Jersey Success Realty, Inc. is not a member of this initiative but we may place advertising on the networks offered by these companies.

If you have concerns about Google Analytics web site data collected by Jersey Success Realty, Inc. please contact us. Do not use the JerseySuccess.com web site until your concerns have been fully addressed.

Helpful background information about privacy and definitions of important terms are available at the Google.com privacy policy page. Jersey Success Realty, Inc. does not represent Google and Google does not represent Jersey Success Realty, Inc.

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