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Mount Olive Township is 30 square miles.  Nearly 30,000 residents call Mount Olive home.  Mount Olive is located along the western boundary of Morris County, which runs along the Musconetcong River. Mount Olive Township is home to many beautiful parks, such as the Flanders Valley Golf Course, rated as one of the premier golf courses in the United States.

Flanders Valley Golf Course
Flanders Valley Golf Course. Photo courtesy of the Morris County Park Commission.

Mount Olive: Budd Lake and Flanders

Incorporated in 1871, Mount Olive Township is divided into two sections;  Budd Lake is the northern section and Flanders is the southern section. Mount Olive can be accessed via Route 80, Route 46, Route 206 and by rail. This makes commuting convenient to other parts of the state. Mount Olive is 30.4 square miles and its population is 24,193 according to the 2000 census. The township contains a designated Foreign Trade Zone, the International Trade Center in which many large international corporations have offices and/or warehouses. Additionally, Mount Olive has attracted large retail and commercial development. Our school system is excellent.

Just listed in Mount Olive MLS.
Just listed in Mount Olive MLS.

Located in the township is New Jersey’s largest natural spring-fed lake, Budd Lake. These are the headwaters of the Raritan river. Many residents enjoy lake activities including swimming, sailing, fishing, boating, ice skating, and more. Cultural activities such as our Pax Amicus Theatre, which is walking distance from Budd Lake, provides great entertainment as our local threater. Pax Amicus presents performances ranging from children’s plays to Shakespearean dramas.

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Mount Olive Township Schools

Mount Olive offers one of the best school systems in New Jersey with a wide range of academic, athletic and cultural activities.

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