The Mount Olive School System


The Mount Olive Township school district serves almost 5000 children in six schools. Special events like mini-operas in the elementary school make school days happy and memorable for our children.

At Jersey Success, many of our children have grown up in Mount Olive, so we can give you first-hand reports about our schools. Let us show you our community! Your Realtor can help you arrange a parent’s visit to a school if you are considering a home in this school district.

School Report Cards

Dr. Laurie Reynolds, superintendent of Mount Olive Township Public Schools, explains that:

The Mount Olive Township Schools have a long tradition of providing outstanding educational services to school-aged children. The district enjoys generous community support (almost 90% of parents reported that they are “happy” with their child’s schooling), satisfied teachers (85% enjoy working in the district), and imaginative students. The districts graduates well over 90% of its students with 93% of the school’s graduates going on to post-secondary education (59% attending four year colleges and universities).


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